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General Employee Training Requirements Lists

Note: If a course is not hyperlinked, it is not offered externally, or it is an instructor-led course.


The following courses are available without requiring VPN access:

CA0750-W - Software Quality Assurance Awareness

CS0115-W - Training for Users of Classified Information Systems

CS0149-W - [GET] Proper Usage of LLNL Unclassified Computers, Networks, and Peripherals 

DT0095-W - Site 300 Safety Orientation Training

EM0001-W - [GET] Emergency Preparedness Protective Action Overview 

EM1500-W - Disaster/Self-Help Overview 

EM1510-W - Disaster/Self-Help Leadership

EM1600-W - Disaster First Aid

EM9001-RW - Emergency Response Organization Training Refresher 

EM9232-RW - Emergency Announcement Training Refresher

EM9233-RW - Drill/Exercise Controller and Evaluator Training Refresher 

EP1006-W - Waste Management Overview

HS0016-W - [GET] Site Access Safety and Security Orientation

HS0018-W - General Hazards Training

HS0096-W - Valley Fever Awareness Training

HS0100-W - [GET] ESH&Q Annual Briefing

HS2120-W - On-Site Explosives Transportation

HS3104-W - Fundamentals Of Criticality Safety For Non-Material Handlers

HS4256-RW - Beryllium Worker Refresher Training

HS4258-W - [GET] Beryllium Awareness

HS4258-RW - [GET] Beryllium Awareness Biennial Refresher

HS4261-W - Lead Awareness

HS4362-W - Hearing Conservation for Noise Exposure

HS4439-W - Biosafety Awareness in ABSL and BSL Laboratories

HS4686-W - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

HS5030-RW - Pressure Safety Refresher

HS5200-W - Laser Safety 

HS5201-W - Laser Safety Awareness

HS5211-W - Contact Release Training - Electrical

HS5220-W - Electrical Safety Awareness

HS5245-W - Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)

HS5245-UW20 - LLNL LOTO Program Update Briefing

HS5303-W - Ergonomic Risk Factors

HS5311-W - Ergonomics---The Selection and Use of Hand Tools

HS5500-W - Seismic Safety

HS5620-W - Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) Safety

HS5701-W - Safe Scaffold Work Practices for Maintenance and Construction Work

HS6001-W - [GET] General Employee Radiation Training

HS6003-W - Class 0, I, II Non-Dispersible Radioactive Material Safety

HS6010-W - Radiological Worker Training

HS6311-W - Radioactive Material Handling - Tritium

HS6313-W - Radioactive Material Handling - Plutonium

HS6940-W - Radiological Safety for Emergency Responders 

HS6988-W - Radiation Generating Device (RGD) Safety

IS0030-W - Work Planning & Control for the General Worker 

IS0253-W - Site-Wide Worker Training 

NP1313-W - National Ignition Facility Shot Responsible Individual Training

PA0008-RW - Human Reliability Program Briefing Refresher

PA0009-RW - Select Agent Human Reliability Program (SAHRP) Refresher

PA0012-W - [GET] Drug Free Workplace Training and Education 

PS7009-W - [GET] Preventing Workplace Harassment for Supervisors

PS7030-W - [GET] Preventing Workplace Harassment Training For Employees

SC0004-W - Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Awareness Briefing

SC9922-W - Comprehensive Security Briefing

SC9922-RW - Annual Security Refresher Briefing for Cleared Individuals 

SC9901-W - Classified Matter Protection and Control

SC9902-W - Classified Matter Protection and Control Policy and Procedure 

SC9902-RW10 - Classified Matter Protection and Control Policy and Procedure Refresher

SC9907-W - Hand-Carry Roles and Responsibilities Briefing 

SC9911-W - Operations Security (OPSEC) Overview